Greetings and Salutations


Hi, I’m Lesley! And I just made this brand new website that is pretty content-light at the moment. Until that changes, here are a few things about me:


I am Deputy Editor at Feel free to enjoy some of my writing over there.

I wrote a book about being fat and not apologizing for it and how maybe you can not apologize for whatever your body looks like too. It’s called Two Whole Cakes. (The book was based on a blog I used to write, that had the same clever name. There was also a related podcast I did with the exceptional Marianne Kirby — we called that Fatcast.)

I made a very depressing Twine game and would like to make more if I ever find the time.

I am on Twitter and Facebook but my heart belongs to Instagram.

I like to get email! I also enjoy doing speaking engagements and interview-like things. You can contact meĀ at



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