Hey Guys, I Quit My Fucking Job!

I was writing for xoJane prior to the site launch, and came on full time four months later. This was 2011. It was terrifying, taking that job, where I had no idea what I was doing and was afraid of screwing up every hour of every day. Also, my practical side felt very threatened; I still had reservations about whether… Read more →

I Am on the Eleventh Floor

I am on the eleventh floor of a hundred-year-old hotel overlooking San Francisco’s Union Square through a webwork of painted-iron fire escape, and on the ground below, a man in dark clothes plays the trumpet. The sound comes up between the buildings in swirls and flourishes, as though the air and distance between us exist only to refine and carry… Read more →

Every Year in March

Every year in March I go to San Francisco with the positive intention of magically and overnight becoming a confirmed, ebullient extrovert, transformed, I imagine, by the six-plus-hour plane ride and my own stubborn belief that I really can do anything I want, if I just put my mind to it. I went to my first Game Developers Conference in… Read more →